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The North Olympic Peninsula's premier pet waste removal service provider. Look no further for your pooper scooper needs. Serving the Sequim, Port Angeles, Carlsborg, Agnew, Dungeness, Bell Hill and surrounding neighborhoods. I am ready to make your yard a clean, safe, fun, dog poop-free place to be. Get ready for your family and pets to enjoy your outside space all year round. 

Let Me Do the Dirty Work!

Get your free pet waste removal service quote today to get started!

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Hire a Professional Pooper Scooper

Two golden retrievers playing tug of war and enjoying their poop free and freshly scooped yard.

Whether you have a hectic schedule, physical limitations, or plain don't like doing it, Olympic Pooper Scooper takes care of the chore no one wants to do. I work with many residential and commercial clients in Sequim, Port Angeles and through out the North Olympic Peninsula. Depending on how often you need your pet waste removed, I have different schedules to choose from. 

I show up, each and everytime, ready to scoop with sanitized equipment and footwear. We use a kennel grade disinfectant after scooping each yard before going to the next to prevent any and all contamination. 


I send an 'On the Way' text so you'll know your yard is next on my route, as well as a photo confirmation that your gate has been secured when I'm finished scooping your yard. I want you to have the piece of mind that you not only have a poop free yard, but that your pets will be safely in the yard where you want them. 


My service is year round, rain or shine. You can count on my scooping service to keep up with the scooping needs of your yard.


I guarantee you'll be satisfied with the level of my service, but if your not for any reason I will do whatever it takes to make it right.  

I provide my customers with an online portal to help manage their poop scoop service.

Owner and Dog of Olympic Pooper Scooper

Service Offerings


*The most popular service choice.*

Ongoing help maintaining a poop-free outdoor space. Your yard gets scooped every week.

Our best per visit value. 

Highly recommended for smaller spaces, yards with multiple dogs, and families who enjoy spending more time in their backyards.

One Time Scoop

Help get your yard back to a clean and fresh start, without signing up for ongoing scooping service. Great for those who just need the reset, landlords cleaning up after a move out of dog owning tenants, and other special situation where this could be helpful. 


Help keeping your dog’s piles from building up too much by getting a scoop every other week. A good option for yards around 1/2 acre with fewer dogs. Starting at $65/month.

Odor Control

This essential add-on service controls the odors left behind by your furry friend. We use the Wysiwash Sanitizing system that is both safe for your pets, humans and plants and effective in eliminating unsavory odors. Can also be a stand alone service.

Ask about our special rate when signing up for recurring services.  


A budget option that still gives you freedom from the chore. The scoops happen once a month. Also an option for bigger yards that want a regular reset.

Full Sanitation

This add-on or stand alone service kicks virus, bacteria and mold to the curb. Highly recommended at least quarterly to reduce viral loads, and after diarrhea or contact with other sick animals. This service includes odor control as well.

My Mission

It is my mission to be the premier poop scooping specialist on the North Olympic Peninsula by providing an affordable weekly pet waste service to Sequim, Port Angeles and surrounding areas.

I give a crap! Seriously! I care deeply about helping, and keeping your yard clean of the little gifts from your family's fluffy friend, is my way of lending a hand. 

I show up focused on your yard, with freshly sanitized equipment each and every time. 

Olympic Pooper Scooper is fully licensed and insured. 

Pet care business insurance badge proofing Olympic Pooper Scooper is a licensed, insured and professional dog waste removal service.
Owner of Olympic Pooper Scooper with his dog. About Me Page.
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